“MMA” by Voodoo Bloo

Voodoo Bloo is a New Zealand based grunge/indie rock driven band that brings a mixture of emotional songwriting with a catchy and a danceable mess. In May of 2021 “MMA” was released, singer / songwriter Rory McDonald says: “MMA was also originally going to be called ‘Moshpit Martial Arts’, and is all about those drunken idiots who in an effort to make themselves look cool end up making regretful decisions that don’t mean much until they wake up the next morning.  I feel everyone has let something fall through the cracks that shouldn’t have when intoxicated”

The video of MMA does a clear job of portraying what it is like to take care of yourself when you are out of control, you and your friends trying to hold yourself back. Majority of us have had one too many and have gotten besides ourselves, and start making a fool of ourselves, this song is the perfect representation of nights or days like those. One day we all have to wake up and ask is this the life we want to continue living? MMA addresses the answers to hard question like that.

The making of “MMA” was worked on by award winning producer Greg Haver (he’s renowned for his diverse production skills and innovative arrangements) as mix production adviser, the track was also mixed by multi talented Scott Seabright.

Voodoo Bloo is taking music to higher limits by discussing the hard topics. In addition to speaking about regrets, Voodoo speaks on suicide as well. New Zealand currently has one of the highest teen suicide rates in the world, and Rory makes sure to let the world know. “No matter where my music ends up, I think this could be a very relatable record for any person going through depression or who has experienced an event similar to this, and hope that in that relatability they can use this as their own cathartic tool too.” – Rory McDonald

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Creds: Maryanne Bilham




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