Artist Interview: “Come Closer” by Preztone

Q: I can hear DJ music has a heavy influence on “Come Closer.” Can you tell us more about the track and your musical background?

PREZTONE: I’ve been a DJ for more than a decade. Starting from my first lounge bar, ABCHO, my second bar, A-Pluss, to my Love Boat party, a sensation in Ghent, Belgium every year, I’ve always been passionate about playing music and seeing people enjoy their time.

Moreover, I want my music to be something people can relate to. That’s why my songs are full of emotions and love.

Q:  2020 is a turning point in your career as a musician. Can you tell us more about your newfound interest in music production?

PREZTONE: 2020 has impacted my life and career a lot. All my DJ gigs and events were canceled. It was tough, as it was and still is for many musicians and artists. During this period, I started to reflect on my life and what I want to do but have always hesitated to start.

Creating music has been a dream of mine since my childhood. My dad used to be a DJ and it’s fair to say I grew up in between vinyl. In my teenage years, I spent much time every week in record stores discovering all the newest songs.

Therefore, instead of “a newfound interest” in music production, I would call it an awakening of my long-lasting dream.

It turned out that COVID gave me time to learn and experiment. I realized that my strong passion for music can possibly make my dream come true. And it did.

Q:   How has your Texas root in play in your music?

PREZTONE: When I started writing songs as a kid I was heavily influenced by Texas blues. It was all about licks and chops. I had grown up listening to Motown and the Beatles, so somewhere along the way, I swiped the solos for hooky songs. Being born and raised in Texas somehow carries a southern slang that I never could shake, but was always here for anyways. I feel lucky to have been raised in a country gospel musical family, and I’m proud to be from Texas.

Q: How has growing up in Ghent influenced your music style?

PREZTONE: Ghent is known as the city of music and art. Several Belgian musicians are from here. Ghent has this positive and musical vibe where people enjoy their life and the environment.

Every year, there are several events in this city, big and small. From live music shows in local bars, DJ events, to the well-known Ghent Festival (Gentse Feesten), what I’ve always loved to see is people enjoying themselves and dancing to the music. As a musician, that’s my goal. I want my music to be able to cheer people up, bring joy to the community, and make people dance to it.

Q: What inspired the creation of “Come Closer”? Where do you usually find your inspiration?

PREZTONE: My musical career started in May 2021. I launched my first single, Weekend, a cover of Earth & Fire. This single has been streamed in more than 50 countries all over the world. It’s a song about “I don’t wanna be a lover for the weekend”.

I wanted to continue the love story. Come Closer, composed 100% on my own, is a song about the one you love so madly. While she keeps ignoring you and she’s completely “on the loose” because of dating the wrong guys, the only thing you want is to get her to come closer so you don’t have to be alone tonight.

For me, music is there to tell a story, my stories or stories around me. I capture the emotions around me, things I am seeing in my day-to-day life, and turn them into music.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming album! We’re definitely excited to hear it in October!

PREZTONE: Instead of launching an album in October, I’ve changed my plan and decided to release singles every month. I feel like this is a better way to shape the music story I want to tell. Moreover, every time I launch a new single, I learn from it. The learning curve helps me improve my music for the next release.

The plan of launching an album is still there, but probably it’s gonna be next year.

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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