Review & Interview: “Ghosts” by Apollo’s Army

“Ghosts” is the first single since Apollo’s Army has released since its debut album in 2020. It stars off with a heavy rock vibe, and immediately hooks you in. With influences such as My Chemical Romance, it’s no surprise that “Ghosts” has a catchy and energetic vibes, lead singer Mark McGahan does an amazing job at using his voice to keep an audience hooked. Alternatively the drum and guitar solo is what really gives this song the high energy it deserves.

The song is about relationships and how they can affect us when impactful people walk out of our lives. I feel like at some point, everyone has had someone important has walked out of their lives and the impact it has is sometimes very painful, they also leave behind memories that go along with that pain. Them not coming back for whatever reason or just occasionally seeing them around is what makes them strangers or a ghost. Seeing a ghost at first can be scary and uncomfortable, then you get used to a certain person not being in your life and sometimes them leaving is what is needed to become stronger. “Ghosts” does an amazing job at portraying the accuracy of how you can feel when that happens.

Life is really hard and lately it’s been worse because of the pandemic, relationships have taken a tough blow because of that. We have quickly become so attached to one another and yet when they leave it’s almost like they weren’t even there. Ghosts tend to leave an internal mark and not a physical one.

Q&A with Apollo’s Army

Q:“Ghosts” has a powerful lyrics, did any real-life events occur in your life that inspired the song?

APOLLO’S ARMY: “Ghosts” is actually a song that talks about the hauntings of heartbreak throughout life. While it may sound like something out of a horror movie, it’s just a way to symbolize how the people in our lives can impact us and leave their mark. They become ghosts, in a sense.

Q: This is you the first single since your album debut, what is next for Apollo’s Army?

APOLLO’S ARMY: We have been performing a ton lately, and show no signs of slowing down. There are quite a few releases in the works, so we intend to keep putting out some great music for people to listen to. Outside of that, we plan to just keep having fun and making music together.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

APOLLO’S ARMY: This is a tough one. Each member of the band has their own style and taste in music. If you were to take elements of a band like Metallica and mix them with elements of a band like blink-182, you’d probably find something very similar to us. Our music is very guitar and rhythm driven, with great vocals and harmonies to complement

Q: What is the music scene like in Cedar City, Utah?

APOLLO’S ARMYRight now the music scene has fallen into somewhat of a cover band central. Cedar City is very small and people tend to stick to what they’re familiar with. We work hard to break that mold and bring something new to the city, which includes promoting other bands from Utah and trying to get as involved as possible with our community. There is really only one venue that is constantly hosting live bands, which makes it difficult to get a lot of play time in. However, we do our best to remain consistent and support other local acts. There is a lot of talent here!

Q: Who is Apollo’s Army and how did you all initially come together?

APOLLO’S ARMYApollo’s Army is made of Mark McGahan (lead vocals), Jordan Sanders (bass guitar), Robert Lawrence (drums), Nolan Hanley (rhythm guitar), Brennon Peterson (lead guitar), and Jacob Lee (keyboards). We’ve had a few members come and go, but Mark, Robert, Brennon, and Jacob are the longest standing members and have been together for nearly 13 years. The group was initially formed for a high school battle of the bands event, but when the magic was realized, it was determined it needed to become something more.

Q: Who are the inspirations behind Apollo’s Army?

APOLLO’S ARMY: As stated in the answer to describing our music, we all come from very different musical backgrounds. The influences in our music would be an almost endless list. When we’ve spoken about some of our biggest, common influences, Linkin Park, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, and blink-182 always come up. You can hear elements ranging from 60’s rock and roll to modern deathcore in our music. We like to experiment with our sound and give everyone a little piece to enjoy.

Reviewed & Interviewed by Jaye Maverick




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