“Calista” by Hidekki

Hidekki is a solo artist who plays piano/keyboard and is the sole producer on all of the songs. Hidekki has been composing on the piano since he was nine and producing his own beats in his room. Being intensely introverted and having social anxiety, making music has always been an outlet from the pressures of the world.

Have you ever had to do a late night drive and was feeling tired? Does a late night at work have you exhausted? At some point or another we have all needed a late night pick me up. “Calista” captures the vibes you need to get energy while also keeping the chill energy you already have. The chopped and screwed hip hop vocals creates a grittiness that majority future bass songs are missing, all the while the female vocals brings a sense of calmness to the song. The rap section is what really brings the song together, with vocals clear enough to follow along Hidekki absolutely perfects the after hours rap vibe.

“Calista” is the second single from Hidekki to be released in 2021 and it has already received major traction with over 50 thousand views in just three months. With influences such as Bryce Vine, Gianni & Kyle, and Sammy Adams, it’s no wonder that Hidekki turned out to be an amazing artist. “Calista” is quickly becoming a top song, once you take a listen it will be evident on why the masses love it.

“This is my proudest artistic endeavor in my life thus far.” -Hidekki

Written by Jaye Maverick




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