“No Good” by The Heavy North

“No Good” is the latest and second single released from The Heavy North, it’s from the band’s debut album Electric Soul Machine (scheduled for release in January 2022). “No Good” is a well produced song, you can hear it when it’s played and you can see it when you watch the video that it took an incredible team to pull it all together. Jose Ibanez recorded and produced “No Good” at 3rd Planet Recording Studio, it’s also been mastered by Martin Kuchta at Rough Grain Mastering. The music video was written, and directed by starring actor Bobby Schofield, alternatively the video was produced by Dan Hewitson.

The five piece garage/blues rock band from Liverpool will capture your heart with “No Good.” The intro sucks you in with the mesmerizing guitar and the powerful lyrics of “You see that I’ve changed, have I changed for good?” Questioning yourself is something that everyone has done, questioning yourself because of what someone has said is such a tough experience, changing is a big part of anyones life, and majority of us want to change for the better. “No Good is about the different stages of the breakdown of a relationship, and the lyrics describe changes in behavior, and those feelings of doubt, regret and frustration that can often follow” said The Heavy North frontman Kenny Stuart.

When someone influential in your life continues to tear you down through words or even actions, it’s hard to appropriately react to how you feel. It will damage self esteem and confidence and heighten your insecurity. What is important to remember is that a person should not control how you feel, you are in charge of your own emotions. Towards the middle of “No Good” it takes a turn and the mood switches and it is realized that the other person is the one who is no good not you yourself. It is very important to continue to love yourself and show yourself gratitude. The Heavy North’s “No Good” does an amazing job at portraying the feeling.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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