“HOLLYWOOD” by Penelope Pettigrew

Hollywood has an air to it unlike any other place on Earth. Almost synonymous with fame, the vibe surrounding it is as alluring as it is seductive. Sydney-based artist Penelope Pettigrew captures this energy on her tantalizing new track “HOLLYWOOD”. With a chorus that is impossible to get out of your head, the song is addicting.

Penelope’s commanding presence on the track is immediately apparent. The melodies were catchy and delivered with ease. Her powerful voice pushes through the ups and downs of the song. Even during the bridge where the energy is considerably less than the commotion of the chorus she remains elegant and impressive.

The contrast between the silence and dance groove leading into the chorus helps the louds sound louder and the quiets sound quieter. This use of dynamics is under-utilized as silence makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Here, its use was tasteful. “Hollywood” at its quietest is intimate and vulnerable – when everything picks up, however, it’s electric.

Lyrics throughout the verses as well as the chorus encapsulate the atmosphere that surrounds Hollywood (the place). Inspired by the difficulties faced by the queer community. The song mirrors the themes many experienced while coming out; addiction, burnout, and feeling like royalty.

High energy and infectious melodies keep me coming back to “HOLLYWOOD”. Never straying from the vibe of the legendary district – the song feels mystifying. Powerful lyrics help showcase Penelope Pettigrew and let her shine. The song was delightful. A great dance tune and another phenomenal addition to her growing discography.

“HOLLYWOOD” can be found on all major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts

Photo credit: Lachlan Bradbury





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