“Terracotta” by Lex Leosis

Toronto-based queer alt-hip hop artist Lex Leosis drops her first EP of 2021, Terracotta. Lex has been making waves in the TikTok industry by being rap battle champ and former member of the Toronto all-female rap group, The Sorority. Terracotta starts with Khrys’ (Intro), a slow ballad and a spoken work like beginning, opening up about insecurities and what it’s like to trust someone enough to do that.

Quickly picking up the pace in “Won’t Wait”, Lex Leosis shows off her incredible rap skills and catchy beats. As the beat swells up Lex comes in with ” I don’t wanna talk, give me way more action” and at the end of the verse, a little horn trumpets, making you just get up and dance. “Won’t Wait” brings in the nostalgic classic 90s rap feel. Alternatively, “Wanted” begins with the jazz like bass and Lex quickly comes in with the slick rhymes. While keeping it old school with Thelma and Louise vibes, she doesn’t miss a beat and keeps it fun. It’s almost as if you’ve traveled back in time and walked into the right club! This high energy, get away track brings the party to any location.

The video for “That Feel” is such a fun video. You see slides of Lex killing it with her rapping skills and it’s showing a love that’s blossoming while also keeping it sporty and athletic. It is always nice to see women dominating at a male lead industry i.e. rapping and skating. With respectable lyrics such as, “Open conversation plus honesty and trust, if you’re down to break the norms than maybe we can ahh”, it is clear to see that Lex Leosis will continue to rise in the rap industry.

That Feel (Official Video)

The distorted funky guitar immediately intro hooks you in when you play “Reality” while on the other hand when you play “Hold Yah Down” the drums is what hooks you in. Lex Leosis does an amazing job throughout the entire EP at showcasing multiple instruments, her sound is more than just a beat, it’s a band. Her philosophical lyrics mixed with her unique beats is what puts her songs at over 150,000 views on Spotify. Terracotta is a must on the to listen list.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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