“Honey” by Rival Karma

The phrase “the more the merrier” doesn’t exactly apply to Rival Karma. What was once a four piece band in 2018 is now a duo in 2021, with scheduled shows and a debut tour lined up for Europe, two of Rival Karmas members disbanded. Rival Karma is made up of vocalist and guitarist Martin Roux and drummer Piergiorgio “PJ” Ciarla. Touring across Europe, West Coast US, the duo released their first EP and opened for band Reignwolf on select European dates.

The London based band is coming into 2021 with astounding first single “Honey”, while the track may be bright and melodic it has a solemn message behind it. Speaking your truth is one of the hardest things to do, the feeling of what you say mattering and the other person caring enough to listen is something we all strive for in life. Majority of us want to have the courage to say what is on our mind, how we really feel and when we don’t do that it’s almost instant regret. “Honey” addresses that, it’s the particular regret of not speaking up about the way you truly feel about someone.

It’s time to dance the regret away, with such an enticing and bold guitar, you are instantly sucked into the track “Honey.” The soon to come EP is featuring “Honey” as its first single and it’s clear to see why, the nostalgic vocals of Martin Roux will leave you wanting more. “Honey” is the perfect track to release the emotions you’ve held in for so long, it perfectly captures the feeling of holding something in for too long.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Creds: Adam Dean




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