“Hell and Back” by K4YLEE

The once dismissed Kaylee Rogers found a way to gather her unconventional style and defiant lyrics to regenerate as K4YLEE. The feisty nineteen year old from a small town in Texas, is quickly making an impression with third single “Hell and Back.” While new to the scene, she is not new to pouring her heart out onto the page, writing quickly became her escape and music just came naturally.

Now living in Baton Rogue, the rebellious teen is showing exactly why women belong in the hard rock/metal genre. Women are capable of doing anything and need an outlet just like men, it’s only fair that women get to rock out to people who look and sound like them. K4YLEE expresses that “Hell and Back is a politically-driven track boasting the message that women can assert their dominance the same way that men can.” Women get a bad reputation if they aren’t “perfect” especially in the eyes of some men, “Hell and Back” reminds you to scream FUCK YOU to anyone in your way or trying to bring you down.

“Nobody’s listening to what I’m saying but they’re quick to tell me what I can’t do.” Lyrics such as that will get you up on your feet, banging your head and of course starting a mosh pit. “Hell and Backs” lyrics will have you feeling empowered and relieved, the music video will have you head banging and the guitar will have you moshing the stereotypes away. The newly released single “Hell and Back” is on streaming on Spotify and the video is available to watch on YouTube. Women are allowed to rage and K4YLEE does an amazing job at letting you feel that rage.

“This song will resonate with any woman at any stage in life, because underneath the glamour that society places upon the female experience, there is rage and vindication inside of us that society doesn’t want to shed light upon.” – K4YLEE

Written by Jaye Maverick

 Cover Art – Kaylee (K4YLEE) Rogers





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