‘Out’ by Diamond Blacc

We need more openly queer artists. Though LGBTQIA+ rights have come a long way, there’s still more to go. Homophobia runs rampant in so many musical communities, and it’s important to have artists who are willing to be open and show that it’s okay to be queer regardless of the community you’re in. Diamond Blacc is a great example of this kind of artist. He recently released his latest track ‘Out.’ It’s a queer anthem all about being proud to be yourself.

‘Out’ is the queer banger we’ve all been waiting for. It has such a driven hip-hop energy, and the rapping is so succinct. There’s such a strong beat pulled forward by synths, 808s, and trap drums. Something in the synth sound that also brings in a bit of what you’d hear in the party music played at a gay club. There’s just such a bump in the sound that makes you want to get up and dance. This track has such a fast and energetic pacing, pulling the listener forward through lyrics of being out and proud.

Not enough people openly rap about being gay (just ask Kevin Abstract). That’s where the real power comes in on ‘Out.’ It’s a celebration of Blacc’s queerness and just queerness in general.  Some of the lyricism that would highlight this would be in the lines, “Pride flag on my back / So you know what I’m about / It’s a blessing that I’m here / I thank the Lord / You know I shout / Love yourself / Respect yourself / You are a star / So do not doubt.” Not only is this track a self-celebration, it’s a celebration of the queer community as a whole. A celebration of being out, proud, and nothing but yourself.

Diamond Blacc is an openly gay Philadelphia based hip-hop artist. He started releasing songs in 2020 and already has quite a few singles and an EP under his belt. His music has already evolved so much from when he started. This can especially be seen in the production on his latest single, ‘Out.’ He strives to empower and uplift others with his music, as music has inspired and uplifted him. He’s definitely an artist to watch out for due to his rapid growth in musical ability and passionate energy.

Written by: Sage Plapp





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