“Lonely Phone” by JŌVIKY

In quarantine, being lonely and feeling like you have no one is a normal state of being. Jōviky’s emotional new track “Lonely Phone” is a downtempo song that perfectly depicts that isolated feeling that everyone feels sometimes. Along with Aster Reed’s flawless production as the backdrop for Jōviky’s feeling of isolation, “Lonely Phone” is a song to get into your feelings with.

“Lonely Phone” is a chillwave/bedroom pop track. The song opens up to a police siren, possibly referring to the dangers that could come out of loneliness. Jōviky’s soothing voice then comes in, with lyrics discussing his way of trying to find comfort in his phone while also feeling the extreme pain of being alone. The lyrics “911 emergency is on my phone” could be Jōviky’s way of questioning whether to call them or not. 

Although the lyrics revolve around loneliness, the song also serves as a comfort to the listener. It’s always good to know that others feel the same way as you. Mental health is something that only recently came to fruition in the public eye, but is still often discussed in a negative light. Music is a way to talk about one’s mental health without getting that negative attention that many may get from just talking about it. “Lonely Phone” highlights that everyone feels down sometimes, and it’s okay to not be okay.

Jōviky started creating music in Los Angeles, California in 2019. Meshing genres of lofi, hiphop, and bedroom pop, Jōviky’s music is refreshing. He hasn’t done any live shows yet, but hopefully with shows opening back up, fans can finally get live music from him!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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