Sometimes one of the worst parts of a relationship are the sweet ones. That is, at least when it’s already over. These memories that were once the best ones can immediately become some of the absolute worst. It forms a longing sensation for a person that you may not even want to see anymore. It’s something that makes you say, “Oh wow, I miss that. Wait. I shouldn’t miss that.” It feels almost like you’re trapped. Constantly replaying these good times that may never come again. Maisyn’s latest track, ‘8.20’ truly captures this feeling. It captures the absolute somberness. It captures the moment when the memory still feels good before you realize that the memory is tainted. A good memory lost forever in the abyss of emotion.

Maisyn’s ‘8.20’ has the perfect chill indie vibe. This track has such beauty in it’s acoustic simplicity. The guitar lines are really pretty, and Maisyn works with a soft somber vocal tone that hits just right. It sounds pretty reminiscent of folk and pop, but it also sounds like it hits a similar indie range that artists such as Clairo and Girl in Red do. Near the end of this track there’s a shift in the sound that offers the perfect flare. Truly making this a dynamic track that doesn’t fit a cookie cutter mold. About two minutes in, there’s a heavier sounding guitar and drums that pop up underneath. This is coupled with “oh” sounds in the background, sounding as if they’re in the distance. There are a few guitar notes in this portion that have a bit of a math rock sound. Maisyn makes great use of her voice throughout this track, riffing and working in a higher and lower register. Even the points where there’s subtle moments of silence have a lot to add to this track.

‘8.20 is a song of somber reminiscence. “You unzip my dress / put on Joni / God you know me like that,” shows this sweetness within a relationship including the voice of the song and another person. These lyrics are earlier in the track, and they immediately jump to, “But I’m caught between breathing and holding my breath / the delusion will shatter any second / somewhere between stillness and overdrive / I ache for you in real time.” There’s such a bitterness and longing that these lyrics bring to the track. It’s about a sort of bitter reminiscence. Remembering the sweetness in a relationship from the past. The voice of the track aches for their former love. Something so seemingly perfect. ‘8.20’ has such a catchy chorus, and it has lyricism about a queer relationship. It’s a beautifully written track that begs to be played on repeat.

Maisyn is an L.A. based pop artist who got her start in Hudson Valley. She’s been creating music and playing shows since she was very young and has come a long way since then. Her music focuses on an indie pop sound with introspective lyricism that comes straight from the heart. She displays such a special musical prowess and love for music throughout her discography, and it’s beautifully produced by Joey Messina-Doering, a grammy nominated music engineer. Maisyn has graduated from Thornton School of Music’s Popular Music Program, and the way she makes music shows that she’s put her studies to good use. She’s solidified herself as an artist to follow and figure out how she evolves from here.

Written by Sage Plapp

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