“Heart Like Gold” by Red Flower Lake

The initial reaction to any guilt, shame, or fear is to run because we’re trying to avoid those feelings. But it’s admirable how duo Red Flower Lake encourages the opposite in their trance-like electro single “Heart Like Gold.” We make many mistakes that result in fear, guilt, and shame because we’re in survival mode. Instead of looking at those mistakes, the track encourages listeners to look deeply at themselves and know who they are. We all have hearts like gold and, while that doesn’t necessarily mean we are perfect, we should learn from those experiences and be guided by those golden hearts to live our best lives.

The song consists of a dark sound that drips of color from the swirls of hypnotic vocals, melodramatic violins, and singer Rahimah Wright’s soul-piercing voice. It’s also astounding how Wright’s singing remains articulate and clear while hitting the low notes.


The moodiness of the song is hard to ignore, which the instrumentals contribute to. The beat and swelling of the bass enhance the intensity of the music while maintaining that melancholy sound. The record’s low tone actually makes this the perfect tune for a chill EDM nightclub.


Overall, Red Flower Lake made a great tune that many will love, and it’s evident that their hearts were in the right place when writing it.


“We like to do things from the heart. Sometimes we are spontaneous. Sometimes we are calculated. We are always from the
Heart,” the duo said.


We can’t wait to hear the gold this duo will produce next.

Written by Taylor Berry

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