Artist Interview: “Slippers” by Silver Cup

Q: You two made a masterpiece when you birthed “Slippers.” I didn’t know what to expect but I was impressed by the different genres infused in this single. Who were your influences for this particular track?

SILVER CUP: A lot of times, we just do our process. There isn’t a direct influence. Having that been said, we heard a ton of Moby and Jorja Smith in this one.

Q: We can all relate to this track because it talks about the issues in a lot of relationships like not feeling worthy of love, trust issues, lack of self-esteem, which all can dampen a relationship. I think what drew me in was the fact that it was spot-on lyric and feeling-wise, and I’d like to know how.

SILVER CUP: We wrote the hook first, and the production sorted out the writing style for me to grab onto a concept to believe in. This is usually how we do it. I just straight up sit and listen until I feel inspired by something. I’m not sure if it’s entirely the vibes or energy I get from the roots of the song or if it has more to do with what has been on my mind, but it usually works pretty well. Logan heard the first few lines after I came up with something, and we ran with it. It’s very spontaneous while simultaneously being super genuine and deliberate.


Q: Many people who are listening to the song or are going to are probably going through a tough time in their relationship because they don’t feel like they deserve love or have had terrible previous relationships and allowed them to tamper with their faith in true love. What would you two say to those people?

SILVER CUP: To be frank, I don’t have the best advice. The song is about a scenario inspired by my own personal struggles, after all. So naturally, I would be in the same situation as these said people who are struggling…. Which humorously sounds a little sad and pathetic out loud. I guess the advice that feels repetitive but is definitely relevant is the importance of being happy and having love for yourself before you even enter a relationship. Trust is something that shouldn’t be given freely, and we often hold it back to protect ourselves from potential hurt, but we also can’t allow cynicism to prevent us from having potentially wonderful and healthy things in our lives. So basically, love yourself first, and then surround yourself with people you know you can let your guard down around. It seems to be common sense that you have to love yourself in order to believe anyone else could possibly love you, but it’s such a difficult concept to grasp sometimes. That’s what slippers explore, I guess!!


Q: You guys are brother and sister, and most people can’t stand being five minutes in a room with their sibling. So, how would you describe your relationship with each other and how do you make your music relationship work, especially when you two don’t see eye to eye?

SILVER CUP: Logan definitely takes the reigns in a lot of situations, but [there have] been pretty few times we had [a] disagreement. I trust his judgment, so I usually don’t have issues with what he’s doing. We always check-in and make sure both of us are happy, and to be honest, Logan usually has stronger opinions and suggestions than I do… but I’m not only not confrontational enough to rebut them, but I also trust him. Whatever we could disagree on usually ends up turning into a gentle suggestion, and then we decide what’s better after hearing both. I won’t lie though, Logan is a little stubborn… though it’s very friendly stubbornness. I get back at him by being sassy and rude occasionally. Classic sibling stuff… you know.

Q: You two are from Salt Lake City but are based in New York, how does the music scene in Salt Lake City differ from the music scene in New York? Which do you two prefer?

SILVER CUP: Okay, to be honest, we just moved. We have had a few show offers, but we don’t even have a drummer to fill in yet. We are excited to see the difference when we have the experience!


Q: I did not hesitate to add “Slippers” to my playlist and it has me excited for more of your work in the future. What are you guys working on now?

SILVER CUP: Honestly, as soon as Hadley and I are situated and ready. We are writing. I have had wild ideas since the day we got there on the production side. There are such amazing songs about NYC. We can’t wait to write the next big New York record. We do have an amazing collaborative project coming out with producer Heather Grey that is right on the Horizon. Look out for October.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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