“It Don’t Matter” by Buttered

The Australian Duo Buttered has released a hot new song “It Don’t Matter”,  a smooth track so unique it is hard to describe in just a few words. This flawless track is fused with different elements of chill wave, blues, and soul rock, all impeccably merging to create something truly special.  Buttered consists of just two guys, Scott Dalton and Jackson James Smith, yet the absence is irrelevant.

Buttered’s “It Don’t Matter” is the epitome of a laidback track, with its easy-going instrumental consisting of Smith’s silky electric guitars and Dalton’s smooth and mesmerizing voice. Ending with an incredibly hypnotic instrumental solo, “It Don’t Matter” is the perfect song to chill out to. The track has so many things going on at once, yet it all melds together like a dream, literally. The second half of the song, with its instrumental only solo, feels like a dream: the guitar slowly intensifies along with the drums and piano. The enthralling chillwave song then turns into a full-on rhythm and blues tune. “It Don’t Matter” is truly a work of art with just the instrumental alone. 

According to Dalton and Smith, “It Don’t Matter” is a reminder to stay present: The weaving thread that lays its foundations in ‘It Don’t Matter’ is to remain present and try to catch yourself wandering off into thoughts of the past and understand none of it matters anyway. All that matters is being right now in the present with whatever you’re doing or whoever you are with.”

Dalton and Smith are planning on releasing new music every month for the rest of 2021. “It Don’t Matter” is the first of these, so be on the lookout for Buttered this year!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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