Artist Interview: “Trust” by Wide Room

Q: There’s so much aggression and energy in the song that makes it electrifying. You can tell that so much work was put into making “Trust” because of the complex instrumentation and captivating vocals. And it’s so easy to get lost in the song’s emotion, which makes me wonder what the purpose and meaning behind it was. 

WIDE ROOM: First of all, thank you very much for the appreciative words. And it’s certainly true that we put an enormous amount of creativity and work into all our songs in general. This one is no exception. I have dedicated an entire 45- minute video (on Youtube) to the meaning of this song – ‘LOL.’But in a nutshell, I would say it is about a person (mostly me) [being] in a state of revelation and brokenness at the same time, starting to understand that the unseen, immaterial realm of our existence really is eternal and therefore of far greater significance than the material realm, aka the physical world, which is entirely bound by the law of thermodynamics and will inevitably, and also due to simple philosophical reasoning, die one day. So your body dies, but your spirit does not.

The word `mud` in the texts portrays `sin` as an (immaterial) moral reality that shakes the ground of every human being and demands a decision. The bridge part of the song is all about the final rescue of the person out of the darkness by gradually understanding the underlying implication and truth of this revelation described. Namely that the only reasonable and plausible possibility is that ALL reality and intelligence [are] grounded in an immaterial mind, aka God. The person eventually gives up the distance between God and himself, and God reveals the Gospel message as the only path to salvation through Christ Jesus. Revelation is a supernatural thing. We can’t earn it. It’s by grace through faith. God defines truth. We do not. The purpose of the song is to make God known to people. It’s the purpose of all our music.

Q:What are you hoping listeners take from “Trust”?

WIDE ROOM: We hope that it can open a door into the spirit and hidden part of a person and let them see that all of their possessions and things we can see with our eyes eventually fade away. Hence, the real you that lives within you is of far greater importance, does not die, and has been given tremendous dignity by God to make real choices by which, day after day, your eternity will be determined.


Q: What was the best and difficult part of working on this single? 

WIDE ROOM: I would consider the best part to be the recording phase in our own studio. There we have a lot of flexibility and time to improvise and try out what works best for the final piece of music. The bridge part of the song comes to my mind the most since we added a lot of guitar layers there that were mostly first-take recordings. That’s always fun. The hardest part of the song was to simply get it done and stop working on it. It’s always a battle of the mind(s) in a creative group full of nerdy people.


Q: “Trust” is a part of your album “Hadron.” What would you say is the album’s theme, and how does this particular song compliment that theme?

WIDE ROOM: Lyrically, the album explores the forces of God, the creator that holds people and spirits together within, analogous to the strong nuclear forces that act between the Hadron particles in physics. The music reflects the spiritual warfare that wages inside us all between the strive for goodness, wisdom, and righteousness against selfishness, greed, and resentment. The song Trust as the first track is a great starting point for the album as it describes the beginning of a journey that calls for wisdom, humility, inner healing, and acceptance through trust in the amazing grace of God.

Q: How would you describe Wide Room to people?

WIDE ROOM: From passionate eruptions to calm moments of reflection, our music takes the listener on an introspective journey to experience an understanding of human existence. With distinctive and poignant vocals ranging from ethereal to abrasive, progressive drum grooves, driving bass lines, and intricate layers of electric guitar, there is not a shadow of a doubt that alternative rock is alive and well.


Q: What do you have to say to current and new listeners of your music?

WIDE ROOM: We really hope our music brings them joy and a sense of not being alone and lost in this life. Thank you so much for your great questions. It was a lot of fun answering and thinking about them. Much love, WR.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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