“You Got No Soul” by CATALYSTS

The guys of CATALYSTS are David Challenger (Lead Vocals), Elliot Blake (Riff Guitar and Synth), Craig O’Connor (Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals), Paul Owen (Bass Guitar), Haitham Alhardan (Drums). They are a five piece punk rock band formed in South Wales, UK in 2018, who are all members from other bands that formed during the South Wales music scene.

“You Got No Soul” is the anthemic ‘fuck you’ song you need to hear. Starting it off with a killer guitar intro and lyrically going right into the chorus. Telling someone they have no soul is quite possibly one of the biggest insults you can give. Lyrically “You Got No Soul” stands out, it points out the major feelings that majority of you feel;

“You do what you like, you don’t like what you do And I am running out of things I wanna do for you”

When you have encountered someone who only takes while all you do is give, can be draining. “You Got No Soul” perfectly captures that overwhelming feeling, the melodic yet hard track will have you head banging while thinking about who you surround yourself with. During the breakdown singer David reminds you to keep in touch with your emotions while the rest of the CATALYSTS keep the vibe going.

This is the third single this year from the CATALYSTS and they are showing no signs of slowing down. “You Got No Soul” will be stuck in your head long after you’ve heard it. The guys have been pumping out anthem after anthem and you can’t help but to be excited for what is next.

“Music means everything to us” – CATALYSTS

Written by Jaye Maverick





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