“Headhunter” by Zaryah

Zaryah is an artist best known for her awesome vocals and exciting electric instrumentals. ‘Headhunter’ is no different; a phenomenal addition to her already great discography. Demonstrating her huge range as an artist, between the lyrical verses and powerful chorus’. “Headhunter” is the second single leading up to the release of her EP, “what u want is mine”. Like any good Zaryah song, it’s empowering and fun to listen to.

The cool guitar lines that open the song are quickly met with Zaryah’s cool lyricism. Light synthesizers morph into smoldering bass lines. Despite the catchiness of the instrumental, the vocals command attention. Not only was the chorus catchy and exciting, but the lyrics were interesting. Lines like , “Oh you think you know how to play? Boy I invented the game” encapsulates the empowered mood of the whole song.

One of my favorite parts of “Headhunter” was the ebb and flow of energy. As quickly as the chorus appeared, it faded away. By the time a section seemed to settle, the song was already pushing towards the next mood. It allowed the song to feel intimate without feeling bogged down or boring. Too often does lyricism get pushed to the side. Here , however, it was effortless and kept the verses interesting and memorable. 

All the excitement was possible because of the effervescent atmosphere. From the snaps to the midi brass lines, everything seemed to bounce alongside the vocals. I found “Headhunter” as exciting the first time listening as I did the tenth. A great performance by Zaryah, and an enjoyable song all around.


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Written by Tyler Roberts




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