“Conjure” by Matt Hammond

Mysterious is just one of the words that first come to mind when listening to Matt Hammond’s new release “Conjure”. Released completely independently alongside a vinyl pressing and live session, it honestly kicks ass. The strings are just ludicrous. They support the almost folk sound and add intricacy throughout. The busy guitar parts suit the light melody, allowing it to soar over top. Not only that, but it does a great job at locking in the rhythm elements as well.  Although the texture is only voice, guitar, and the occasional after-effect, it sounds incredibly thick and full.

One thing that stuck out was the raw sound of the movement on the strings. I felt like I was right there watching Hammond perform. It was intimate and had a sort of quiet excitement that pushed everything along. Lyrics and melodies match the almost dark eerie atmosphere. The short punctuated verses contrast the long flowing chorus’ incredibly. 

When “Conjure” reaches its solo section, the energy is tangible. It shows off Hammond’s guitar chops and fits right into what’s going on around it. Not only that but I felt it led into the chorus really well too. Right from the get-go, the mood set was amazing. What may have been the most impressive part was how easy all of it sounded. Even when layered with vocals, the guitar was complicated and steady as a metronome. A great example of how intricacy can take a supporting role, while the melody basks in the spotlight; moving wherever it wanted.

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Written by Tyler Roberts




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