“Freewill” by Riccardo Moccia

Italian metal musician Riccardo Moccia is breaking barriers by being a solo artist in this genre, “Freewill” is the first single from the album “Sensed”. Multi-talented Richard Moccia’s newest album “Sensed” is written, performed (vocals and guitars), produced, recorded, programmed (synth, bass and drums) mixed and mastered by Riccardo Moccia, through Altamira Multimedia.

“Freewill” starts of will a killer guitar intro and a drum beat that is sure to instantly get your head banging. Riccardo has gained a lot of popularity on Spotify and when you feel how hype “Freewill” makes you, it won’t be long before you’re amongst the 20,000 listeners that he’s gained. This powerful and heavy track is sure to make you a fan, if you aren’t one already.

Vocalist Riccardo Moccia will keep you mesmerized with his amazing screams and harsh vocals. Although his vocals may be addicting, the moments when Riccardo isn’t screaming are also moments to cherish, the multi instrumentalist knows how to keep a listener engaged even without words. When “Freewill” is about halfway done, Riccardo does a breakdown that will break necks from endless headbanging and will have you and your friends moshing. Any metal head is sure to be a fan of Riccardo once they hear his music.

“Farewell” is the first single that will be featured on album “Sensed” which according to Riccardo is a concept album about the evolution of the universe from the point of view of a Being of Light, a story based on ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Indian and Japanese scriptures. Go to Spotify to listen to his previous albums while you wait for the new one. And don’t forget to blast “Farewell”.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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