“Perfect Picture” by Jem Doulton

Jem Doulton is not new to the music industry; A drummer who’s had a wide variety of collaborations, including playing the drums for Thurton Moore and Róisín Murphy, as well as touring for Róisín for 7 years. Being heavily involved in the music scene in London, Doulton has had incredible collaborations with artists from different realms of music. All this being said, Doulton’s upcoming album is somewhat a dedication to those artists who helped him along the way, each flawless and genre-bending track featuring a different musician or friend he’s worked with.

Jem Doulton’s “Perfect Picture” is song 5 out of 12 on his upcoming album. To  promote his album, Jem has  releasing a new song on the last Friday of each month, and he will continue up until March ’22.

“Perfect Picture” has a rather haunting and cinematic sound, opening up like an 80s sci-fi film, with dystopian sounds accompanied by a dark saxophone (flawlessly played by Luke Barlow). 

The song truly feels like a movie: the emotive and gritty atmospheric sounds, with 80’s synths, all melting together to  create a dystopian feel. On top of this all, Jem’s vocals, so dream-like and distinct, tie in everything masterfully. 

Doulton’s many influences are showcased beautifully within “Perfect Picture”, having different elements of dark-wave, synth-pop, electronic pop, and psychedelic pop. Jem Doulton hits you hard with his evocative vocals, the roaring soundscape, and extremely powerful and unforgettable instrumental.

Be on the lookout for Doulton’s album, as he will be releasing a new song on the last Friday of every month! With the first 5 songs being so flawlessly crafted, I can’t wait to see what is coming next!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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