“City Of Night” by Andy John Jones

Thanks to many bands and artists, music has become an anthem for many people. Some songs have taught people to embrace the challenges in their lives or encourage them to cast out the evilness that are in their souls. “City Of Night” by Andy John Jones is a groovy tune about the possibility of people exercising some of their demons with one another.

Jones’s vocals remain strong and authoritative throughout the whole composition and his singing style is impressive, as Jones is showing a personal view of what it is like for him not being able to escape his demons. While listening, the emotion of desperateness can be felt while Jones wails out the lyrics. The vocals are passionate and show how much Jones wants to break free from the evilness but he can’t.

The instrumentation is bittersweet, and the descending electric guitar and powerful drums give an insight of how serious this tune is. The chorus is compelling and powerful, where Jone’s voice soars dramatically. Truly this piece is dynamic, with music breaks, building drums, and guitar solos. The best part is hearing the mixture of rock and soul music. The pads and atmospheric background contributes to the lingering feeling of hopelessness. As a whole, the instrumentation is the most important part because each note and beat brings a sense of wonderment and imagination.

“City Of Night” is a song which has incredible instrumentation that blends with Jones’s beautiful vocal performance. It will be nice to hear more music from Jones in the near future.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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