“Bridges Burnt Lessons Learnt (Betrayal)” by We Are Sovereign Ft. Ryan Tuck O’Leary (Fit For A King)

We Are Sovereign is made up of a group of five amazing individuals from Derby, UK. The group have been working together for about two years and have just released there first single “Bridges Burnt Lessons Learnt (Betrayal)”. We Are Sovereign which consists screaming vocalist Laura Russell, clean vocalist Ashley Ho, guitarist Sebastian Foster, bassist Sam Maltby and drummer Alfie Wickham have put so much hard work and time into the making of this band. Now they are finally completed and have released their first single that’ll have you head banging so hard your neck will break.

When it comes to metal, vocals are everything, Laura and Ashley do an amazing job at making sure you stay engaged. The feeling of betrayal is never a good one, especially if it comes from someone you are close to, someone you put your trust in. “Bridges Burnt Lessons Learnt (Betrayal)” is born from vocalist Laura Russell’s own experiences of suffering with gender dysphoria, that led to a battle with mental health. Now, being able to feel comfortable within her own skin, Laura tells her story in their debut single and states,

“Being betrayed is one of the most painful human emotions we can encounter, and it can absolutely destroy you as a human being. I have had to deal with my operation and finding myself again; I also had to rebuild and repair after being deeply betrayed by somebody I loved and trusted at the time.”

Although this is their first release, We Are Sovereign is making it clear that they are here to talk about the difficult topics and emotions. Buckle up everybody, they are sure to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Music is a form of therapy and not being afraid to dive into issues that other people are afraid to talk about is exactly what the industry is missing and gaining through We Are Sovereign.

Before the song ends, We Are Sovereign will have you singing “bridges burnt, lessons learnt” along with them as the song fades out. With them being a new band, you have no idea what to expect next from them but that’s part of the fun. Keep tapping into your emotional side and blast “Bridges Burnt Lessons Learnt (Betrayal)” while you patiently wait for the next single from We Are Sovereign.

“Being Betrayed is something we will all experience in our lifetimes. In most cases it’s by those closest, those we trusted and loved the most. Don’t ever let it destroy you as a person, don’t you dare ever lose yourself. Use the experience as fuel to light a fire inside of you to rebuild yourself and chase your dreams. Use your pain to create something beautiful and don’t ever look back.” – We Are Sovereign.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Taj





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