“Ansiedad” by Auggie Velarde

Auggie Velarde presents a dire subject often hidden behind closed doors. His new original single, “Anseiedad” (Anxiety), sheds light on how normal it is to not only have anxiety but to feel emotions intensely. Velarde creatively displays the complexities of mental health in combination with an upbeat electronic pop melody and youthful style. Anxiety is a common and prevalent occurrence, but it is rarely spoken about, especially in music.

The Peruvian artist aims to erase any shame that has to do with feeling anxiety or any overwhelming emotions. The lyrics to “Ansiedad” can be seen as revolutionary and could open the gate for mental health to be spoken about more freely and openly within the music industry. His lyrics state:

“He estado aprendiendo

Ahora aceptando

Estos sentimientos

Porque son bien normales

Y no irracionales

La cosa que vale

Es luchar y vivir”

The fact of the matter is that these emotions are real and can affect every aspect of life where many suffer alone and in silence. It’s time they are brought to the forefront with kindness and understanding, which Velarde does very well. “Ansiedad” speaks to the fact that every individual is on their journey and commonly affected by emotions. Everyone is learning and struggle with their thoughts and reactions.  It is time to understand that these feelings and emotions are not irrational but part of living life. 

Auggie Velarde explains the inspiration for the “Ansiedad” and how mental health is a close and personal subject. 

“There is a very real mental health stigma in Latino culture, which I have directly experienced growing up. I’m an emotional soul, and music has helped me cope with anxiety, depression, and hard times in my life. The stigma and negative perceptions of mental health illness keep many Latinos from seeking help. I honestly wish more artists would be open about this in Latin Pop music.”

For a song about anxiety, “Ansiedad” is a calming and catchy single.  As a listener, it is easy to sink into the playful sounds swirling around accented by Velarde’s rhythmic low- tempo voice. Plus! It’s not bad to groove to either. So make sure to check out his music and add “Ansiedad” to your playlist.





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