“Rise Up” by Cindy-Louise

Having only starting her career in 2019, the South African born singer Cindy-Louise is already known for her powerful vocals and unique writing style. Vocalist Cindy-Louise has quickly risen in the ranks due to her presence on social media, she frequently interacts with fans on her Instagram live feed and via her TikTok by showing them a lot of the work that goes into making her music.

“Rise Up” is the most recent release from Cindy-Louise, even though the single has only been out for one month, it has already gained a lot traffic with over 15 thousand listens. Cindy-Louise is a force to be reckoned with and she is making sure everyone knows.

We are living in a time of empowerment, especially the empowerment of women. “Rise Up” is a song that beautifully describes what it is like to be beaten down and to never give up, to rise above it all. Cindy-Louise has an amazing, powerful voice and she really utilizes it during the breakdown of “Rise Up”, the quiet background plus the loud yet calmness of her voice is something that everyone should have the opportunity to hear.

Once you hear Cindy-Louise’s “Rise Up” it is sure to instantly enter your daily playlists, it will be THE song you play when you are feeling at a low point, it will be the song when you are feeling ecstatic. “Rise Up” is the song you need and will be happy you heard it.

“I am a very visual person, when I describe the song I always say its is like “a Phoenix rising from the Ashes” (this is my main visual explanation of the song). I really enjoyed combining my classical training in the operatic sections of the song and trying new vocal techniques with the soft rock/ almost grunge sections.” Cindy-Louise

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Jimmy On The Run




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