“Not Always Enough” by Rachel Gleddie

Throughout the decades, bands and artists have created songs that have helped people get through challenging times. For singer and songwriter Rachel Gleddie, music has allowed her to reach out to those who are struggling in life. Her upcoming tune “Not Always Enough” teaches the importance of being strong while your heart is hurting. Be sure to mark you calendars for this release on October 22, as it is heart-warming and truly impactful.

Gleddie’s vocal performance is beautiful, and the sound of her melodic voice gives this piece a sense of hope and encouragement. At some points, it does feel like Gleddie takes the vocals into more of a storyteller role by how she lightly talks out the lyrics. She authentically uses her voice to help people who are struggling with a broken heart. It does seem like Gleddie’s vocals are relatable, as if she is the the supportive friend people can turn to when life becomes challenging for them.

The instrumentation on this piece matches the theme seamlessly because of how the acoustic guitar captures the deep and powerful emotions. The light sound of the guitar playing fills the atmosphere with bittersweet noise. Also the guitar captures more poignant emotions because the feeling of encouragement can be felt through the delicate notes. The song echoes long after it is finished, for this is a piece that can create a ripple effect of meaning in one’s life.

Although “Not Always Enough” will not be making waves until October 22, Gleddie has hit a home run with this piece and listeners will surely enjoy this superb piece.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Roughley Originals Photography

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