Artist Interview: “Save Me (I’m Not Crazy)” by Electric Enemy

Q: This song is pure magic with its explosive sound. And I love how it not only sounds terrific but also how you touch on important issues in this song like humanitarianism, mental health, etc. So, obviously, you guys wanted to raise awareness in this piece. But what inspired you guys to do that?

JIM: Thank you! I think we all find ourselves deeply affected by injustices (humanitarian, environmental, prejudicial) that seem to occur on a daily basis all around the world. Music has always been a great avenue for protest, and we wanted to use our voices to express how we feel about everything in the hope that it would resonate with someone and maybe make them feel a little less alone. We have been very touched to receive messages from listeners across the globe saying that Save Me helped them in one way or another with their struggles, and that is truly why we do what we do.

Q: Now, walk me through the songwriting process because I do wonder what the conversation was like about the message in the song and how it would be delivered.

JIM: The process on this occasion was a form of letting go; Save Me was written in about 10 minutes and was a sort of stream of consciousness rant. I think we all feel a little overwhelmed by our thoughts at times, especially when they spiral out of control, so Save Me was almost a therapeutic exercise to help deal with a very real panic attack!

Sometimes in songwriting, it’s important to inject a message of hope, and the chorus is precisely that; basically, you’re not crazy for feeling overwhelmed, angry, and/or depressed…more people than you would think to feel exactly the same way!


Q: What was the best part about working on the song?

TOM (DRUMMER): The best part of working on Save Me I can think of was the first time we got together to figure it out as a band.
Some songs carry an energy about them and seem to figure themselves out, and Save Me has that energy about it. When writing the instrumentation, Save Me kinda wrote itself, and it was the first piece of music we had created that felt extra special.


Q: “Save Me (I’m Not Crazy”) was released under a new record label, Circular Wave. What’s it like being signed to them?

JIM: It has been great working with the guys, and they came highly recommended from our management team, who had worked with them when they were at Sony Music. A lot of labels tend to simply dictate what the artist should do, but our management and the guys at CW give us the creative freedom we want while also inspiring us to keep pushing forwards in every aspect of the industry… In short, we love those guys. 

Q: Talk to me about the single cover and how it corresponds with the track.

ORLANDO (GUITARIST/ARTWORK DESIGNER): I drew a hand-drawn fictional character, tearing apart his blazer made of Cryptocurrency logos. We wanted to demonstrate the idea of rebellion and anger against a system that is collapsing on itself, a system that blames the younger generations for not being able to sustain it. We thought that using Crypto images would be a funny and modern way to address the issue, and we love how people have responded to it so far.


Q: What do you want listeners to take from this song?

JIM: A tune which they can blast at full volume and get lost in musically and lyrically! We hope that it resonates with as many people as possible, and we want them to join us on our journey because there are many…MANY more songs to come

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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