“Headspace” by Kaiyi

When you’re emotionally unavailable, it’s difficult to have feelings for someone yet unable to act on those feelings. So, you bottle up all of those feelings and keep them to yourself. Singer-songwriter Kaiyi demonstrates this perfectly in her latest single, “Headspace.” The emerging artist sonically and emotionally takes the reader on a rollercoaster through haunting harmonies and deep lyrics.

To begin, Kaiyi deserves a standing ovation for not only this fantastic piece but also for the fact that she self-produced the track. The lyrics are genius and truly capture that feeling of being in your own headspace and dealing with various emotions — it’s genius and innocent, at the same time. 

The angelic piano and contemporary lyrics give the song a touch of innocence. And when the bass and beat appear, the piece develops a mature sound, but the song is still cute. 

The part with distorted voices perfectly demonstrates the complexity of the headspace when dealing with being in love and emotionally unavailable. This track is packed with emotion and melodrama. You’ll most definitely feel a lot of the feelings in the record. Kaiyi produced a song that’s so haunting and real, which shows that her audience will be moved and connect with the piece.

Kaiyi is a phenomenal musician and one to watch out for. With such a soul-snatching and speechless production as “Headspace,” we’re all excited to hear and connect with more of her music in the future. Hats off to you, Kaiyi!

Written by Taylor Berry

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