Life can seem hectic at times. If that’s you, then “Bloom” by singer-songwriter Killsy is your go-to song right now. The cinematic single succeeds in helping you feel at ease wherever you are in your life, no matter how chaotic and Killsy’s soothing voice has a lot to do with that.

The song begins with birds chirping — what’s more soothing than birds chirping? Immediately, everything feels like it’s going to be okay upon hearing Killsy’s voice, which sounds familiar, close to some ‘90s R&B singer — just can’t put a name to it. The song has a great rhythm and beat, yet it’s admirable that those things don’t overpower Killsy’s smooth-like and hypnotic vocals because they steal the spotlight. 

It’s also amazing how the song isn’t heavy and layered with many instruments. It’s simple yet still mind-blowing. 

It’s hard to ignore the beautiful message in the song — it’s your time to bloom, whatever that looks like to you. It’s evident that Killsy is a fantastic artist because “Bloom” is an uplifting song with excellent instrumentation and vocals — Killsy gave us a piece we can enjoy while it makes us feel better. 

There’s no doubt that Killsy’s music career is going to flourish with such quality songs. It’s incredible how incredible “Bloom” sounds while inspiring us to bloom in our own ways. It’s exciting to see where Killsy’s music career will take off, but, for sure, we are here and happy about it. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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