“Yeah, She Was Cool” by Luke Jones

UK-based musician Luke Jones is transparent with his listeners in his latest single “Yeah, She Was Cool.” The song touches on the beauty of hindsight, specifically after a failed relationship. We’ve all been there before. But the best part of the song is how nostalgic it sounds. Jones revisits the ‘80s in this cool and teen romance-like track. 

Beginning with a killer drum solo, “Yeah, She Was Cool” introduces us to the song’s ‘80s dream-pop sound with the mellow guitar. Throughout the track, you get this vibrant sound from the groovy bassline, phenomenal guitar solo, and driving percussion. 

The way Jones has the lyrics is more conversational and is as though Jones is talking to you directly and explaining about his love life to you. The record is relatable and something that many of us can relate to. Usually, we don’t realize our mistakes or what we could’ve done until we have taken a step back and looked at the bigger picture. It’s inspiring that not only Jones wrote an infectious song, but he was also transparent, which is important because that’s one way how the musician connects with the audience. 

Overall, Jones is a great musician with quality skills as an artist. Despite being an emerging artist, it’s without a doubt that Jones is going to go far with his music career. “Yeah, She Was Cool” is an amazing song and whoever it was written for is lucky. We can’t wait to hear more of Jones’ music in the future. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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