“bitcoin boi” by Pretty Weird Blonde

According to Pretty Weird Blonde she is a multi-dimensional entertainer on a mission to inspire audiences beyond the 3D matrix. She was born in Boulder, Colorado, and grew up moving with her family throughout Colorado, Hawaii and Maine. She moved to LA after graduating, Pretty Weird Blonde shifted her entire life trajectory after experiencing contact with a group of extraterrestrial beings.

She has quickly risen up in the musical ranks, with 15,000 listeners on Spotify and 16 thousand Instagram followers. Clearly she is doing something right and you, the people are noticing. The new track “bitcoin boi” was released just a couple of weeks ago via Cryptoville.

The out of the world, unique track instantly brings you in with heavy bass and interesting lyrics. Pretty Weird Blonde is living up to her name with lyrics such as “bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple. Show me your Robinhood and I’ll show you my nipples.” Controversial lyrics such as that is what keeps the audience engaged, you can’t help but to love when the “tea” is spilled.

You can achieve to want a bitcoin boi or maybe you already have one, the catchy song “bitcoin boi” modernizes what it means to have a sugar daddy. It is playful yet serious in its own way. “bitcoin boi” is surely to be added to any “bad bitch'” playlist you have. With already having 25,000 listens, this song is quickly headed to the top.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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