“Somebody Else” by Atira

Past relationships can affect us in many ways. How a relationship was with a former lover can impact your ability to love another, and vice versa. Maybe you’re with a complicated person who has no clue how to love after their previous failed relationship. The point is that we’ve all been through it. “Somebody Else” by Pop and R&B artist Atira addresses this perfectly. 

Using beautiful piano notes, moving harmonies, an impeccable soft beat, and profound lyrics, Atira capture the true essence of having insecurities and trust issues while trying to love someone. 

The song’s production in its entirety is phenomenal, but the most essential component of this track that deserves a standing ovation would have to be the lyrics. Not only are they relatable, but they pertain to our current culture. 

Still, the depth of the song doesn’t take away the enjoyment and vibrance. As a vocalist, Atira simultaneously grabs her audience’s attention and leaves them breathless. Having said that, “Somebody Else is worth listening to and placing on the playlist, especially if you’re going through a breakup. What’s better than listening to someone who understands? 

From the sounds of the track, Atira is unquestionably the artist you’re going to want to continue listening to and follow as she advances in her career as a professional musician. Atira is extraordinarily talented and knows what she’s doing. There’s no telling what’s next, but we’re excited to be a part of that journey.

Written by Taylor Berry

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