Brooklyn-based duo Tropic brings the party to your headphones with their single “So Good” and it’s beyond good, it’s mind-blowing. The astonishing vocal qualities and funk all contribute to why the song is easily admired. Through “So Good,” Tropic showed their personality and style, which not only makes the song admirable but also the duo. 

Without a doubt, if this song was to come on in the club, you would immediately start dancing and wouldn’t want the track to end. It has a great funky tone, captivating beat, and flawless dynamics. 

The duo needs to be commended on those astounding vocal techniques. It’s impressive that even during the runs, the harmonies blend perfectly. The vocal range is out of this world and it’s impressive how they incorporated that into the song instead of sounding monotonous. 

The structure of the song does favor Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” but better. “So Good” takes you to these incredible heights you never expected. 

“So Good” is a phenomenal song that makes you feel good about yourself and you don’t want it to end, but sadly it does. Thankfully, there’s a repeat button. 

Overall, we want to hear more music from Toxic — they know how to command their audience to dance without saying a word, which is incredible. The duo is headed to greatness and has a bright and busy future ahead of them, especially after making a hit like “So Good.” Hats off to the duo!

Written by Taylor Berry

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