“Not The One” by Carla Kerridge Feat. Lobo

UK-based singer-songwriter Carla Kerridge is one artist to watch out for, especially after her latest single, “Not The One,” featuring Lobo. The song, full of attitude, effortlessly snatches your attention precisely due to Kerridge’s sassy yet beautiful vocals. 

“Not The One” carries so much attitude and great power along with energetic instrumentals. The mixture of Latin pop, rap, and R&B in this piece blends well!

While the beat is addictive, it is mandatory to point out the warmth from the acoustic guitar. I always feel as though a Latin song isn’t Latin without hearing the fingerpicking skills on an acoustic guitar. 

Lobo’s part is phenomenal. It goes well with the rest of the song and, while we’re able to enjoy Lobo’s flow, it doesn’t take away from Kerridge’s beautiful vocals. These two work well together, and hopefully, we’ll see more music from them in the future. 

All in all, “Not The One” is an incredible and beautiful work of art.

Kerridge does have a music video out for the tune, and it is magnificent and shows just how seriously she takes her music career. The song has so much quality,y but the music video has so much creativity and professionalism.

I’m excited to hear more of Kerridge music and see how far her skills and creativity extend. You’re all encouraged to follow her on her music career journey because, from the sounds of the single, she’s got a good one ahead of her. 

Written by Taylor Berry






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