Taylor Swift, Adele, Meghan Trainor, and Chloe Ann. These women know how to write the most empowering songs. And if you don’t know Chloe Ann, you should! Her latest single “Sick” is, pardon the pun, but so sick! The way she makes you feel through her strong vocals, lively instrumentation, and attitudinal lyrics is uncanny. For those out there who are dealing with manipulation, disrespect, etc., this is just the song you need to give you the extra boost of courage and confidence you desire.

The beautiful and lovely Ann may look innocent but she’s not afraid to tell you about yourself — she’s got a bit of a bite! Her single “Sick” is infused with nothing but greatness, lyrically and instrumentally. To write an empowering song, your lyrics and instrumentals need to complement each other, they need to be on the same level to get that powerful effect, which is exactly what Ann did. 

The track is more than anthemic, it’s evocative! With lyrics like “It’s hard to not pretend you’re pushing me over the edge” and “think you’re tall but you talk yourself shorter,” it’s evident that this record is one giant middle finger to those who have nothing better to do than make everyone else’s lives miserable with their cruel tactics. 

Ann is a huge inspiration and will be more than a superstar. Who knows? Maybe she’ll be in history textbooks. She’s got the talent and spunk! Watch out for this star!

Written by Taylor Berry

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