“Tarmac” by Jay Summer

Relax and reflect. Any artist who creates songs that enable their audience to do those two things is worthy of attention — they took their time to create a masterpiece. Turn your attention to Jay Summer and spend time listening to his latest single, “Tarmac.”

Beginning to end, you’re entranced by Summer’s luscious, soulful vocals and the dreamy guitars. For a moment, nothing can get better than these until the beat drops, and you begin to feel the music move through you — there’s no other option but to let it and enjoy it!

The background city noise is an unusual yet satisfying addition to the track because it complements and enhances the emotion in the song. But, undoubtedly, Summer’s voice effortlessly garnishes the song. It’s so beautiful and raw, which is something you don’t hear much of these days. The fluidity of Summer’s unreal vocals mixed with the psychedelic instrumentals enables you to appreciate the rawness and beauty of “Tarmac truly.” Upon listening to the track, you immediately know that you’re listening to raw talent — something you don’t hear much of.

In general, the song is chill and nothing overbearing. 

Summer has a talent that is so rare and something that we all need. As he advances his music career, we can only hope that he continues to cling to that raw talent because we don’t hear much of it anymore these days. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it’s good to have something not everybody has. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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