“Transcending Parallels” by Rihards Libietis

Rihard Libietis is back with another beautiful instrumental, “Transcending Parallels”. According to Rihard this single is directly influenced by the feelings brought on by the pandemic. It reflects the feelings of loneliness, struggle, uncertainty, while hopefully conveying a message of hope, encouragement and strength. That it is okay to feel hardship, and that is just a step in a journey to becoming a stronger, better person.

In “Transcending Parallels” Rihards Libietis plays guitar, bass and synth while Toms Kagainis is on drums. This new single will be on Rihards new album “Lines & Miniatures” which initially started as a solo album, but Tom joined the project in Spring of 2021.

“Transcending Parallels” will quickly become a favorite of yours, especially if you are a fan of post punk or post rock. Rihards and Tom produced an in your face yet calming song with “Transcending Parallels”, the tune starts off very calming and relaxing. They really draw you in with the slowness of the guitar, the boom the guitar paces picks up and the drums join in. Now you have a rocking song that you can vibe to or even doing some mild head banging if you so please.

When listening to “Transcending Parallels” from Rihards Libietis, you quickly melt into the song and into your emotions. You can feel that this song was made so you could let go of what you have been holding in. It’s times like these you can be grateful for artist like Rihards who help you use music as an outlet.

“Transcending Parallels” is a very personal story of transcending one’s usual path and achieving a next level in the journey. I think it’s very relevant to the current events of the world – to do the best we can do to not get overwhelmed in the background noise and continue somewhat defiantly striving forward to the light, to growth of our personalities.” -Rihards Libietis

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Agnese Blaubarde, Janis Romanovkis, Liva Stare, Ponolau, Linda Leen





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