“Wasted” by Daybright

People are different when it comes to thoughts on love. Some are hopeless romantics while many figuratively and literally throw the concept of love two middle fingers. If you’re the opposite of a hopeless romantic, turn your speakers up to “Wasted” by Daybright, an anthemic tune about not having time for love. Sorry, love, these people have better things to do than mess around with you.

On a serious note, the track goes hard with a beat that has you dancing without realizing it. If played live, there’s no doubt that this would be the crowd-pleaser. But why wouldn’t it? It has a catchy rhythm and beat, memorable lyrics, and a concept that many can relate to, especially in our current “hookup culture.” 

What makes this song so successful in stealing your attention and making you dance is the beat and rhythm. The song is a mixture of hip hop, rap, emo rap, trap, and pop, and these genres all thrive on a great beat. 

So far, this is Daybright’s third release and, as an emerging artist, it is surprising how he’s already releasing hits at the beginning stage of his music career. That just proves how focused and serious he is regarding his music career, that is what the song is about. 

Undoubtedly, Daybright is just getting started with his music career, so there are more hits coming. It would be awesome, however, if we could see how far his musical talents extend, meaning what makes him different from all of the other artists. Other than that, Daybright is extremely talented. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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