People talk about rose-colored goggles in a way that’s supposed to make them seem like a bad thing. Sometimes, however, only seeing the good things in something is nice and just makes you feel good. These relationships are fleeting, but comforting to reminisce on. On “Memories”, Australian indie band DMC’s newest release, that feel-good energy is captured in a fun and exciting way.

Unique vocals float over the playful instrumental. Dotted with chopped and layered vocals, the energy was bouncy and fun. Pushed along by breakneck drums, cool bass lines, and easy guitar riffs everything felt like it was reaching for the end. Vocal riffs sometimes even happen on the front side of the beat, keeping up the hurried mood. It suited the lyrics phenomenally well.

The chorus is catchy and just fun to listen to. One of those melodies you find yourself humming throughout the day. You can hear the smile in his voice. ‘Memories” was nostalgic, yet hopeful. Long vocal melodies stay stuck in your head, guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Plus it’s all relatable – lyrics talk about an emotion that helps turn even bad moods around and who doesn’t like reminiscing?

The one part in particular that kept me coming back was how fun it all sounded. The band enjoyed themselves performing, and because of that, it was a joy to listen to. When paired with memorable melodies and its quick groove, “Memories” was unforgettable. DMC managed to capture a beautiful emotion in a way all their own on this cool, catchy song.


“Memories” by DMC can be found on any major streaming service


Written by Tyler Roberts




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