‘Our Twenties’ by Calm

We’re all bellends in our twenties, at least according to the band Calm. we are. That’s what their new single ‘Our Twenties’ is about in their terms. It’s about the difficulties of growing up and realizing that being an adult isn’t as easy as it seems. If you’re in your twenties and feel like a bellend, that’s alright, we all kinda are. Life is such a mystery at twenty. We all feel at that time like we need to have everything together, but that’s honestly far from the truth.

‘Our Twenties’ by Calm is a powerful track from start to finish. The vocal tone captures an emo sound, and the guitar lines are succinct and really feed into the high-energy of the track. They’re used as a way to pick up energy through powerful down-strums that build up to heavy hits in the music. The drums carry a dynamic beat and really pull the whole track together. This is definitely an alternative rock track that stands out in the power and succinctness captured in the musicianship from each performer.

The lyricism behind ‘Our Twenties’ is packed with realism and relatability. It  perfectly captures the feeling of being in your 20s and miserable, because the world is harder to get by in than expected, and it’s also harder to get by in than it ever has been before. It makes us all feel like we screwed up. A lyric that truly captures this is, “I’m not a fuck up he said / But I’m just fucked up right now / This life has messed with my head / I think I’ve fucked my life up.” It’s well written and rings true to those in their twenties. A lot of the time it feels like we’ve fucked our life up when there’s still so much ahead of where we’re currently at.

Calm. is an alternative rock band that consists of Ashley Merritt on guitar and vocals, Fred Jones on guitar, Jamie Lyons on drums, and Raphael Amancio on bass. The members of Calm. have jumped around multiple bands for around 10 years, many of those bands including multiple members from the current band. They cite some of their biggest influences as Fall Out Boy, Pup, and Blink 182. Calm has made such a hit with ‘Our Twenties,’ and it’s exciting to think of how they’ll keep growing from here.

Written by Sage Plapp




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