“Fungi” by KC Blackwater

United Kingdom, Milton Keynes artist KC Blackwater is a solo bedroom project that produces punk, spoken word, with grunge and experimental sensibilities. “Fungi” is the very first single from solo artist KC Blackwater and once you listen to this single, you’ll be begging for more.

No one likes racists, if you say you do….you’re probably a racist. KC Blackwater is new to the scene and his first single “Fungi” is about making people feel uncomfortable and holding them accountable for their actions, it’s about the rush you feel when someone realizes that they are the jackass.

To give himself a boost, KC gave himself 30 days to write, record and set-up the release. There always comes a point in your life when you want something to be perfect, that was the case with KC and his single “Fungi”. He really wanted to get his music out there so he put the idea of perfection behind him and released the single, and thankfully he did.

Newly released single “Fungi” is a punk rock hit, everything about the song including the lyrics is so punk. The heavy hitting, truth seeking lyrics will get you instantly hooked. This may be the first single from solo artist KC Blackwater but it is already going to a be favorite of yours. It will be quickly added to your mosh pit vibes playlist and you will be checking his Spotify often for his next single. “Fungi” will make you scream and riot, this lyrically emotional yet upbeat rock tune is the one of the next punk hits.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: tatianawphotos





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