“Cut You Off” by Noah Gray

Toxic relationships with someone you love are some of the hardest things to deal with. You know that the dynamic isn’t healthy for either of you, yet the thought of losing them freezes you like a deer in headlights. Oftentimes, however, the easiest solution is also the healthiest, cutting them off. On Knoxville-based pop artist Noah Gray’s new single, “Cut You Off” they touch on that exactly.

The dance style bass and drum parts support Noah Gray’s easy-going voice. The lyrics were brutally honest. Harmony helped vocal lines feel light and warm. The way they were layered gave different parts very different impacts. For example, in the verses having the deep vocals paired with the high harmonies made gave the song energy and pushed it towards the chorus.

One part of “Cut You Off” in particular that I loved was how it retained it’s atmospheric feeling throughout the entirety – the acceptance of this tough decision thick in the lyrics. Although cutting someone you care about off is one of the hardest things to do, you can tell there is hope for better things on the other side. Capturing this complex emotion was impressive, and rounded out the song phenomenally.

Lyricism is usually the first thing thrown by the wayside when writing music. Here, however,  Noah Gray is conversational and relatable while keeping the cool energy. “Cut You Off” felt like a conversation of sorts, never dumbing the message down to the point of sounding simple. Alternatively, it also wasn’t too complicated or difficult to grasp. Instead, it struck a perfect balance between artistry and honesty.

“Cut You Off” by Noah Gray can be found on any major streaming service


Written by Tyler Roberts





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