“Preacher’s Son” by Gentlemen Jackals

Four piece rock band Gentlemen Jackals are from the Dunfermlinein the UK. The band became a temporary five piece band with new single “Preacher’s Son”. The band consists of Mark Wilson on guitar and vocals, lead guitarist Craig McMahon, Scott Thomson playing bass and also on vocals, drummer Cameron Berwick and guest keyboard player David Devereux.

There is a significant message being Gentlemen Jackals new release, they say “The horror of gun violence is such a huge, life-shattering issue. We wanted to focus on the grief, rage and loss in an expressive, non-graphic way.”

The topic of gun violence will come up no matter what city you live in, it is a worldwide issue. “Preacher’s Son” speaks directly on that topic of gun violence, while it may not always be an actual preacher’s son doing the shooting, the message does not get lost. Gentlemen Jackals has the courage to talk about a topic that is heavily on everyone’s minds.

The heavy hitting rock song has a killer instrumental outro, the band is pushing hard towards the finish and increasing the pace intensely while doing that. During the ending of “Preacher’s Son”, the tempo gets faster with each repetition of the track’s signature riff. Lead guitarists Craig McMahon and keyboard player David Devereux partner up in the last minute of the track.

The new release from the four piece group is now out on Spotify, the heavy rock tune is sure to be added to many of your daily playlists. This will be a song that will quickly rise in the ranks of being a favorite. Gentlemen Jackals is sure to get the emotions flowing with this new single.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Lewis Milne




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