‘Goodbye’ by Moonroof

It’s so hard not to get stuck in the past, especially when that past includes a relationship that used to be an integral part of our everyday lives. Even if that person ends up being awful and toxic, our brains have a tendency to remember the brighter moments. This causes us to reminisce in a way that keeps us from being able to move forward. This idea is perfectly captured by Moonroof in their latest single ‘Goodbye.’ In this track, they use a powerful and upbeat sound to drive forward a heartwrenching break-up tale. It’s a track that’s well-crafted musically and lyrically well-written.

‘Goodbye’ by Moonroof has the perfect indie pop-rock sound. The vocals have such a snappiness to them that gives the track an aire of musical confidence. The drums and bass integrate within each other to keep it all held together and cohesive. The energy is extremely driven, pulling the listener forward with the music. That being said, the music is extremely dynamic. It has some more laid-back sections which keep the track from being one-note or too overwhelming. It builds itself into this sound that’s somewhat cheery and upbeat, and this perfectly contrasts and pulls out the darker lyrics. ‘Goodbye’ does a great job of musically portraying the double-sided emotion of finally breaking out of a toxic relationship.

There’s something so heartwrenching behind the lyrics in ‘Goodbye.’ It seems obvious that the voice of the song was hurt by a partner in their life. Throughout the track, they’re having to leave that person behind, but they have to fight against the memories holding them back. A lyric that encapsulates this idea is “It’s driving me insane / That you’re stuck in my brain / Just get out / Let’s move on / Now I just / Want you gone.” There’s such a yearning there. The voice knows this former partner is bad for them, but like a spirit, they haunt and occupy space within the brain. Though they’re gone physically, they stay there to some capacity, keeping wounds open that the voice of the song just wants closed.

Moonroof consists of vocalist Dave Kim, bassist Kevin Randalf, and drummer Dan Rendine. They all came together at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, and Dave and Kevin were roommates during their freshman year. They’ve come far since then and have had opportunities to play Radio 104.5 12th Birthday Show, Musikfest, and iHeart Radio Theater (acoustic performance). They wrote ‘Goodbye’ from a very truthful place. It was written during Kevin having to move forward from a truthful relationship. Dave Kim says that “Goodbye is about taking control of your life and finding empowerment within yourself.”

Written by Sage Plapp

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