“Songbird” by Darcy Kate

Whether it be the anxieties looming due to a global pandemic or the stagnant realities of one’s life, it’s hard dealing with the feeling of being stuck in one place for far too long. We grow restless, bored, and ultimately fear never moving on. When those fears arise though, there is a lot one can do – but my suggestion is always to take a second to turn to music, and if there is one song that should be on every playlist that inspires perseverance, it’s “Songbird” by Darcy Kate. 

Much like one of her idols growing up, Jewel, Darcy Kate lets her sweet and serene vocals do most of the heavy lifting throughout this song. Stripped down with very few elements clouding up the track, “Songbird” is one of those songs that is simplistically beautiful from one end to the other. It doesn’t hurt that the performance is as well done as the heartening lyrics. Words Darcy Kate wrote while most of the world was lost last year during the pandemic. She noted that she wanted to create a reminder to keep going, even when the world seemed bleak. I’d say she masterfully accomplished what she set out to do. 

“Songbird” is the third single from Darcy Kate’s upcoming debut album. She’s already created a buzz around this release with “Runaway,” her previous single that made waves on the airwaves already. Now listeners have even more to be eager about as every single release has been as moving as the last. For some audible comfort, check out “Songbird,” out now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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