“Insomniac” by Cellos

Four piece band Cellos originally got together in the summer of 2019 and only consisted of singer/rhythm guitarist Niall Fenwick and lead guitarist Joe Teasdale, the duo would work on songs that they wrote for their EP “Sea or Sky”. As this grew bigger and bigger over the next few months, they asked bassist/ back up vocalist Jack Walker and drummer Harry mason to join and then Cellos was complete.

The boys of Durham, UK has just released their first single “Insomniac” off the upcoming album “Been Here Before” was recorded at The Garage Studios in South Shields and mixed/mastered by TruStudios in Chilton during early summer 2021 over several weeks. According to the group, “Insomniac” is a song written about the darker side of insomnia and the ways the night can sneak up on you. But there’s also a lighter side to it when you hear it.

“Insomniac” starts off very relaxing and gets you in the mood to get your day started. The lyrics behind the Cellos are immaculate, they do an amazing job at getting you to relate without being overbearing. As the song picks up so does your curiosity, have you every really thought about your insomnia? Have you considered why you can’t sleep and why you have these insane thoughts. “Insomniac” addresses that and helps you have a good time.

Cellos are quickly making a name for themselves in north east of England, with smooth lyrics and catchy instrumentals it is hard to not fall in love when you hear them. “Insomniac” is for all listening pleasure on Bandcamp and Spotify, you can listen as many times as you want until their album, “Been Here Before” is released.

“Jangly guitars, loud, crashing drums and searing vocals delivered with true northern determination – we have gone all out to get people listening.” – Cellos

Written by Jaye Maverick





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