‘Fun Girl’ by Asia Kyreé

“Girls just want to have fun.” This is something that pop/r&b artist Asia Kyreé agrees with Cyndi Lauper on. It’s even utilized as a lyric within her latest track, ‘Fun Girl,’ a track that’s filled with a chill but powerful energy and feminist undertones. Screw the patriarchy type music has become much more prominent as the days go by, and Asia lyrically fits into that like a puzzle piece on this track. Not only that, she does it in an original way by using a background of love for tons of different musical styles. It seems as if it cements Asia’s place as one of the next quickly rising artists.

‘Fun Girl’ is well produced from its trap sounding beat to the smooth and beautifully done vocals. It’s definitely an alternative pop/r&b/hip-hop track that begs to be listened to on repeat. The slow synthy instrumental buildup at the beginning does a great job at ushering the track in, and the way the vocals and darker tones hit before the drum beat is done so cleanly. The sound is overall smooth and sultry, but there’s such a powerful energy behind it. This energy extends past the musicality and into the lyricism. 

Lyrically, Asia Kyreé captures the bad b!tch essence along the lines of powerful pop and hip-hop artists such as Bea Miller, REI AMI, and Ashnikko in ‘Fun Girl.’ “Don’t you come here empty handed / Baby you know / I ain’t that type of bitch / You know you gotta bring something to the table babe / Let me run them pockets / Let me in / Don’t resist,” the lyrics ring out. It’s extremely well-written and captures the idea of being in an intimate relationship while not letting a man use and walk all over you. It says, ‘Oh, you want something from me? Well I’m not just going to give if I don’t get anything out of it for myself.’ A powerful message indeed. The nod to Cyndi Lauper is a nice touch which shows Asia’s love for music from both the present and past.

Asia Kyreé is a Missouri based artist creating electrifying pop and R&B tunes. She got her start in 2018 with her debut single ‘Distractions’ and was able to move forward to create her first album ‘Bad Guy’ in 2020. Some of her musical influences are Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and 070 Shake. Her main influences come less from the people themselves and more from the eclectic range of sounds she’s heard over her life. ‘Fun Girl’ is just the most recent track to show off her musical prowess, and she definitely has a lot in store for her future in the music industry.

Written by Sage Plapp






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