Quarantine was difficult for everyone; if it was for losing one’s jobs, not being able to be around friends and family, and of course the mental turmoil it had on people. In WHISP’s song “ANARCHY”, his single before his upcoming EP, the extremely talented Australian rapper discusses his mental health journey during quarantine in Victoria as well as his mission in life.

The song begins with a voice talking: “What we often can’t do so on our own, we need a foe to challenge our complacency, to force us to draw upon resources we never knew we had, that you see if precisely why I became WHISP ya heard.” Then WHISP’s hard-hitting vocals arrive, talking about how he is his own person and is never about the latest trends, his mental health, quarantine, all accompanied with an exhilarating beat. On top of the important lyrics, the anime “Assassination Classroom” song is sampled, which honestly just makes the song even better. After WHISP’s iconic flow over the trippy and upbeat tune, WHISP ends the song telling his listeners that “We’re all going to get through this.” 

Fans of UK rappers Dave and Fredo, Stormzy, and Slowthai won’t get enough of WHISP. Honestly, anyone who’s a fan of rap with meaning, but still catchy and fun to listen to will love “ANARCHY”

WHISP recorded “ANARCHY” at his home during quarantine. He purchased the iconic instrumental from DatsGrinny, and got help for mixing and mastering from his good friend RONK. The amazing cover art is done by the talented No_Deadly in Mexico.

WHISP is from regional Victoria, Australia. With his impeccable lyrics, beat, and vocals, WHISP is an artist on the rise. 

Photo credits: https://www.instagram.com/no_deadly/

Written by Melissa Cusano

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