“Moye” by Desh.Dubs

Reggae inspired vocals sound phenomenal over ground-shaking bass lines and midi brass on Desh.Dubs newest release “Moye”. From the verses to the chorus’ everything was catchy and passionate. Released alongside a visually beautiful lyric video, the song is setting the stage for his new EP release.

Sounding equal parts like a modernized Shaggy and Snoop Dogg instrumental, it was cool and supported Desh.Dubs very well. His commanding presence gave “Moye” life and energy. Somehow managing to match the high energy chorus’ in the verses, the song never skips a beat.  Plus, there is substance behind the lyrics. Delving into the topics of poverty in Africa and proud women. Through the chorus the phrase “Ndiwe Moyo Wanga” rings out, which translates to ‘You are my life’, further accenting the beauty in the lyrics.

Striking a balance between funky guitar riffs and cool choir-like backing vocals, the groove was rock solid. It was interesting, without getting in the way of the hard hitting lyrics. Although English is (arguably) the only language I speak, the chorus is catchy enough that it has me googling Bantu languages. In my experience, looking up lyrics is a testament to how good a song is.

“Moye” manages to tick off all the checkboxes of good music – catchy vocals, insightful lyricism, and a killer instrumental to name a few. It stays stuck in your head for hours after hearing it. Desh.Dubs sounds fresh and energetic on this new release, setting the bar for his upcoming EP extremely high.

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Written by Tyler Roberts




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