‘Exhale’ by Abandon the Fall

Sometimes we don’t need music with an uplifting message about recovering and moving forward. Sometimes we need music that explores the darker aspects of life, the relatable mental health issues that it seems very few are open to talk about and listen to. Abandon the Fall’s latest track ‘Exhale’ explores mental health and darkness in a very real way that lets the listener know they aren’t alone. It definitely hits a nostalgic tone musically, and the crisp production rounds everything out perfectly.

‘Exhale’ is a nostalgic rock track that won’t fail to pull any listener back to the early 2000s, listening to a playlist packed with Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin. This track works a lot with dynamic pacing, shifting the tempo throughout. It feels like the music itself is telling an emotional story. The emotional belted vocals bring in a bit of a punk sound to spice things up. There’s a perfect contrast with the bass and guitar, pulling in brighter and darker tones. The guitar licks serve as a perfect earworm, and the solo totally shreds. The drums serve the right hits throughout, and there’s a lot of creativeness in the percussion of this piece. It really works its way around the music to make the perfect beat.

Abandon the Fall tells a story of falling into self-hatred and darkness through the lyrics of ‘Exhale.’ “Well I hate how I taste / Hate how I got this way / I’m gonna lose it on myself,” the chorus punches in. The story is a relatable experience to people who struggle with these thoughts and feelings due to mental health. This is a track that sounds like an emotional rush of thought, so powerful it can be crushing. It’s a song to find solace in. One to find connectivity through.

Abandon the Fall is a solo music project created by the mind of Juan Espinoza. He grew up admiring the rocks scene which is what caused him to start making music in the first place. This is truly a project of musical passion. He captures the ‘human experience’ in his music, exploring both power and weakness, which creates an emotionally rounded experience for any listener exploring his discography. Juan took time to clean up his music-making skills before releasing his debut single ‘Enemy’ in 2018. He now has two EPs available, and ‘Exhale’ is his fourth single. Juan also worked with so-cal-based rock artist Dayshell to create ‘Exhale.’ Abandon the Fall has come a long way from his start stemming from musical love, and he’s going to continue growing and moving forward from here.

Written by Sage Plapp




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